American River Watershed Institute
Fire Recovery Demonstration Project

Photo Gallery for 2005 Moderate Burn

Funded in part by Sierra Nevada Alliance, transects were established, with advice from scientists with the Tahoe National Forest, American River Ranger District, in Light, Moderate and Severe Burn areas. Directional, quarter-square meter quadrate, and canopy cover photographs were taken by Placer Union High School District, Gifted and Talented Summer Science students using digital cameras. The goal of this project was to assess the exposure of bare soil to weather elements, as an indirect measure of the availability of sediment to the watershed. These photographs allow for both a "Kodak moment" view of the forest's ability to recover, and an opportunity to quantify soil exposure.

Each photo gallery page has multiple transects photo-documented by student teams. Transects can be identified by reference-cards included in each photograph. Combining transects increases sample size and offers a mechanism for better knowing the condition of the forest.